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Next-Generation ERP System & Apparel ERP Software


“Using an apparel ERP software is key for any apparel or soft goods manufacturing entity, because we have unique operational and administrative needs. First and foremost, Exenta’s grid system is very user-friendly for apparel manufacturing, and that’s been essential to improving order accuracy and saving time.” Carrie Bovender, CEO and Founder, Grand Forest


Key Advantages


Single Fully Integrated ERP System
Next-Generation Technology
Easy to Configure & Implement
Cloud/On-Premise Options
Low Total Cost of Ownership
Unsurpassed Industry Expertise

Exenta is unquestionably the leader for fashion and apparel ERP software. Exenta ERP’s innovative application design and data structure represent over four decades of apparel-specific expertise.

Continuing development is supported by over 700 years of combined experience, further enhanced by our apparel-focused customer base’s input and influence.

In the last ten years, Exenta ERP software has replaced nearly every known apparel ERP system on the market for the fashion industry, yet a competitor has never replaced us.


Exenta ERP software delivers the most advanced technology in the apparel ERP space and carries no technological debt. Our easy-to-use interface and underlying data structure are designed to meet apparel brands’ unique needs. The ability to customize for STYLE, COLOR, LABEL, PREPACK and SIZE has a cascading effect on workflow, ensuring ease of use within every downstream process.

The Exenta fashion ERP system is supported by our skilled staff, ensuring you have one point of contact for any issue, backed by our team’s deep expertise — guaranteed to resolve any issue quickly. We see every inquiry through to a satisfactory conclusion.

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The Simplest Path From Concept To Consumer

Enterprise Resource Planning

✓ Streamline Order-to-Cash
✓ Improve Financial Controls
✓ Automate Critical Processes

Supply Chain Management

✓ Reduce Cycle Times & Costs
✓ Improve Visibility & Control
✓ Improve Testing & Quality

Product Lifecycle Management

✓ Streamline Development Cycle
✓ Reduce Product Costs
✓ Track & Manage Calendar

Warehouse Management

✓ Reduce Inventory Levels
✓ Increase Inventory Accuracy
✓ Reduce Chargebacks / Returns


Shop Floor

✓ Real-Time Visibility/Control
✓ Speed On-Time Deliveries
✓ Increase Productivity / Efficiency

Electronic Data Interchange

✓ Ensure Retail Compliance
✓ Increase Order Accuracy
✓ Reduce Chargebacks/Costs

Materials Requirements Planning

✓ Manage Import/Mfg Plans
✓ Improve Accuracy of Buy Plans
✓ Optimize Deliveries & Inventory


Financial Management

✓ Optimize Management & Reporting
✓ Streamline Receivable & Payables
✓ Ensure Accounting Standards Compliance

The Decision Is Simple

It’s your choice. Stay with an inefficient legacy system and isolated data streams, or make the move to our next-generation enterprise technology and take your business into the future.

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