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“Using an apparel-related ERP is key for any apparel or soft good manufacturing entity, because we have unique operational and administrative needs. First and foremost, Exenta from Aptean’s grid system is very user friendly for apparel manufacturing, and that’s been essential to improving order accuracy and saving time.”

Carrie Bovender, CEO and Owner, Grand Forest, Inc.

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“When the COVID curtain came down on the fashion industry, it was clear to our team that the businesses who would survive and thrive out of the crisis would be the ones with the most operational efficiency, and strongest customer relationships. As a footwear & apparel sourcing business that’s been run on excel and email for far too long, the decision to invest in Exenta from Aptean’s PLM was a no-brainer.”

Jack Perkins, Project Manager, Northstar Sourcing Group

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“For the creative type like me and my designers, the look of a program is important. If it looks good, it makes you want to open the program. PLM search navigation and filters are great, you can find things quickly and any kind of speed you can add to your job makes everything easier. Especially with a business like ours, time is of the essence.”

Katrina Agusti, VP Solutions Delivery, Carhartt

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“Exenta ERP is the backbone of all our systems, and I’m particularly pleased that we have an integrated, web-based PLM to support our designers who are working remotely as Healing Hands aids our nation’s healthcare workers.”

Sid Lakhani, CEO, Healing Hands