COVID-19 Resources for Fashion and Sewn Goods

by Alexis Borucke | April 20, 2020

In March, I had the privilege of watching the U.S.N.S Comfort arrive in New York Harbor. It was an equally sad and uplifting moment for me as an American, one of many over the past year. Like many of us at moments during this strange time of quarantine, it may have taken some time for the ship itself to be led to its highest and best use. While there were days when the ship seemed to lack for patients, it ultimately was refitted to treat an overflow of COVID-19 patients and provided needed beds for many New Yorkers. Since then, the ship has ended its mission after treating over 180 patients. In some ways, we’ve all been in the Comfort’s space this past month, ready to be a useful contributor to our businesses, our families, and our community, but in need of an adjustment to the requirements of our new circumstances.

While our global community continues its journey through the pandemic crisis, at Exenta we continue to be impressed by the resilience of our internal teams and by the innovative spirit of our clients. In a timeframe better measured in hours than days, we seamlessly transitioned all our NYC-based employees to remote work without any disruption to production systems or client support. Through the course of normal daily conversations with clients we learned that many were pivoting production to design and manufacture masks and other forms of PPE. The creativity and generosity of the fashion and sewn goods industry in these challenging times is an inspiration to many.

As we all begin to look forward to some gradual return to a new type of normalcy and navigate a way back to the businesses we love, Exenta has curated a selection of resources on topics of relevance to our industry. We will update the resources below on a weekly basis, so check back regularly for more guidance on how our industry will get back to work!

Exanta COVID-19 Resources:

Employer Resources
Reshaping Office Space After COVID-19
Federal Guidance on Reopening
Maintaining a Clean Office Environment

Keeping Workers Healthy on the Job

CDC Employer Guidance

SBA Funding Options and General Guidance

SBA Loan Resources

NYS Shared Work Program

CDC Cleaning Guidelines for Reopening your Business

Guidance and Resources for Manufacturing PPE

How to Partner with the Stop the Spread Coalition

PPE Manufacturing Guidelines

FDA Guidance on PPE

International Safety Equipment Association Guidance

Supply Chain During and Post COVID-19

SPESA/SEAMS Join Webinar: COVID-19 Supply Chain Dynamics

What Will the Supply Chain Look Like Post Pandemic

Guidance for Manufacturers

SPESA Resource Center

SPESA Town Hall

Smart Manufacturing After COVID-19

Guidance for Brands

Marketing Tips for Brands in the Pandemic

Five Consumer Trends Expected to Emerge from the Pandemic

The State of Fashion 2020 Coronavirus Update from BofF

Vaccine Information

‘The Vaccine is on its Way,’ says Fauci

Pfizer and Biontech Announce Vaccine Candidate Achieved Success

Russia Says its Coronavirus Vaccine is 92% Effective

For other resources that can help your company during these times of uncertainty, check out our solutions page to learn how Exenta’s supply chain software can increase your efficiency and productivity

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