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Your business is growing quickly, but things on the manufacturing side are disconnected and unknown. Exenta Shopfloor 3PMTM brings real-time visibility and control to the forefront.

Shopfloor 3PM or Third Party Manufacturing, introduces real-time visibility to see what’s happening with contractors and their work (WIP).

Maintain control of deliveries from third party manufactures with 3PM.


“Today, more than ever, we need to be totally focused on how to maintain our business edge, satisfy and grow our customer base, and improve our product deliveries. Exenta’s cloud solution lets us do all that and more, since we no longer need to worry about any IT operating or support issues.” – Lauren Merkin, CEO, Lauren Merkin

The Decision Is Simple

It’s your choice. Stay with an inefficient legacy system and isolated data streams, or make the move to our next-generation enterprise technology and take your business into the future.

Exenta is the only comprehensive, state of the art supply chain technology provider serving the apparel and soft goods industries. We combine easy-to-use, best-in-class technology with a relentless focus on achieving excellence in all aspects of implementation and customer satisfaction.

Worldwide, Exenta’s solutions empower more than 41,000 users across 9 industries in 15 countries—and help save approximately $620 million for our customers annually.

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