Writing in the digital age is in danger of becoming a forgotten art. This is a shame since I have found that writing well is a job requirement for any CEO. Being able to express your ideas in writing clearly and persuasively is critical. Good writing, like pretty much everything else, is hard work. It takes me several drafts to get things to the point where I’m happy with a blog or email. But the more I work at writing, the better I get at it. And I’ve transferred my interest in good writing to my staff who have happily picked up on the idea. For anyone interested, I strongly recommend two fantastic books that will improve anyone’s writing: 1. The Elements of Style by E.B. White- A timeless classic 2. On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King- #1 on Amazon for the subject
Now I find writing so much more enjoyable. It’s fun. One day I might write about one of our products for a press release, like Shopfloor’s use of Amazon Alexa. Another day, I may write about something more personal like my blog posts about building cars where I share one of my passions with all of you. I’ll never forget the words of the immortal advertising guru, David Ogilvy, who said, “simple words and powerful words.” So let’s write like we speak, in simple clear words. You’ll be amazed how powerful good writing can be.