Warehouse Management System Software Company for Fashion Industry

For fashion and soft goods companies, a warehouse management system for the fashion industry clearly isn’t just about storage anymore.

In today’s omnichannel business environment, complex fulfillment strategies and disruptions to the movement of inventory are commonplace.

How your warehouse management solution handles these challenges and ensures delivery of the right products to the right place and time is what differentiates one system from the next.

Exenta WMS (Warehouse Management System Companies) empowers you with the visibility, agility and control you need to operate more efficiently across all supply chain processes and every sales channel.

Our WMS fashion software delivers the solutions needed to speed operations, reduce inventory levels, increase productivity, ensure accuracy, and improve customer relationships.

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“Exenta’s leading edge technology provides everything our old legacy and other systems we looked at couldn’t – flexibility, ease of use, and, most importantly, complete visibility into our operations so that we can make better informed business decisions. The implementation was very fast and we have experienced significant competitive advantage and return on investment.” – Larry Warehime, COO, Royce Too

Key Advantages

Increase Operational Efficiency
Reduce Inventory Levels
Increase Inventory Accuracy
Improve Visibility and Service
Reduce Chargebacks
Master Omnichannel Fulfillment

Exenta WMS software for the fashion industry is designed to manage the industry-specific, multi-dimension functionality today’s global fashion companies and varied warehouse environments require. It manages much more than inventory; helping you control the movement of goods and make your inventory and employees more productive. Its real-time exception-based alerts notify warehouse managers immediately, enabling them to run more efficient and cost-effective warehouse operations.

As a seamless extension of the Exenta Enterprise Solution, Exenta WMS & ERP software providers for fashion industry end-to-end supply chain visibility without the need for expensive point solutions and custom interfaces.

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The Simplest Path From Concept To Consumer

Key Features

✓ Scalable Solution: configurable for 3PL, small warehouse or multiple global facilities.
✓ Operational Efficiency: eliminate inefficient movement, redundant efforts and excess inventory.
✓ Real-Time Inventory Visibility: see picking and put-away transactions in real-time for accurate inventory counts.
✓ Seamless Integration: built-in warehousing capabilities eliminate the need to build/maintain 3rd party interfaces.
✓ End-to-End: handles all your warehousing, distribution and omnichannel fulfillment needs.
✓ Improved Customer Relations: the accuracy, speed and reporting you need to exceed customer demands.
✓ Improved Bottom Line: Eliminate paper pick tickets to save time, money and improve accuracy.

Advanced Capabilities

✓ UCC 128 Label Compliance
✓ Pre-Pack Management
✓ FedEx/UPS Integration
✓ Physical Inventory
✓ Returns Management
✓ Warehouse Transfer Management
✓ Raw Material Management
✓ Inquiry Reporting and Exception Notifications

More Advanced Capabilities

✓ Wireless (RF) Scanning
✓ Inbound/Outbound ASN
✓ Receiving and Put-Away
✓ Cross Docking
✓ Wave Pick Processing
✓ Directed Replenishment
✓ Pick and Pack
✓ Scan and Pack

The Decision Is Simple

It’s your choice. Stay with an inefficient legacy system and isolated data streams, or make the move to our next-generation enterprise technology and take your business into the future.

Exenta is the only comprehensive, state of the art supply chain technology provider serving the apparel and soft goods industries. We combine easy-to-use, best-in-class technology with a relentless focus on achieving excellence in all aspects of implementation and customer satisfaction.

Worldwide, Exenta’s solutions empower more than 41,000 users across 9 industries in 15 countries—and help save approximately $1.4 billion for our customers annually.

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