Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Supply Chain Software

EDI - Rapid, Automated Transactions with Global Supply Chain Partners

Fashion moves quickly—and your data needs to flow even faster in order for global supply chains to meet and exceed customer demands.

You need to be able to quickly exchange critical business documents and transaction confirmations with vendors and customers.

Exenta EDI enhances information exchange between apparel brands and their suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, third-party manufacturers (3PM) and third-party logistics providers (3PL), shining light into every corner of global supply chain operations for superior visibility.

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Included with Exenta ERP, Exenta EDI streamlines information sharing with a built-in translator—eliminating the friction and breakdowns of third-party plug-ins. It automates electronic transaction documentation including:

  • 810 invoices
  • 820 Payment
  • 832 Catalog
  • 846 Available Inventory
  • 850 Purchase Orders
  • 855 PO Acknowledgements
  • 856 Advanced Shipping Notices
  • 940 Warehouse Shipping Order (3PL)
  • 945 Warehouse Shipping Confirmation (3PL)
  • 943 Production Order (3PL)
  • 944 Receipt of Production Order (3PL)
  • 947 Current Inventory (3PL)
  • 753 & 754 JC Penney
  • And more


With EDI, apparel and home goods brands benefit from a fast pipeline of timely, mission-critical information about production, inventory, warehouse logistics, and retail, while reducing error-prone data entry. In addition to enhancing visibility while reducing costs, brands that leverage EDI position themselves to do business with the world’s largest retailers and e-commerce platforms, many of whom require EDI as their standard for information exchange.

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“A big barrier to retailers opening a new account or a new line of business is ‘are you EDI compliant? Can you handle our business? Can you handle our volume?’ In Exenta ERP, we have a system that can handle that.” – Iain Scorgie, CEO and Founder, MindsInSync

Key Advantages

Improved order accuracy
Reduced order processing times
Increased global supply chain visibility
Greater operational efficiency
Faster communication with vendors and customers

Exenta’s EDI solution empowers the flow of critical information throughout global supply chains, giving you unsurpassed visibility into the status of your production operations, inventory, logistics, and order processing. You and your global partners benefit from easy exchange of all of the transactional information needed to keep production and order fulfillment moving.

It provides the information you need to ensure retail compliance and to deliver better, more informed customer service that strengthens long-term business relationships. In addition to EDI, Exenta ERP provides seamless data handling across multiple channels, including pre-built integration into the most successful e-commerce channels such as Shopify, Magento, and Amazon.

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The Simplest Path From Concept To Consumer

Streamlined EDI

✓ Built-in EDI for Exenta ERP
✓ No external translator required
✓ Integration with Wells Fargo Factor


Efficient Supply Chains

✓ Less data entry
✓ Faster communication with global partners
✓ Ensured retail compliance

Improved Order Processing

✓ Improved order accuracy
✓ Accelerated order processing
✓ Order acknowledgements

Enhanced Visibility

✓ Materials, WIP, Finished Goods
✓ Internal Warehouses and 3PL Integration
✓ Consignment Inventory: Fulfillment by Amazon, Big Lots, Dollar General

The Decision Is Simple

It’s your choice. Stay with an inefficient legacy system and isolated data streams, or make the move to our next-generation enterprise technology and take your business into the future.

Exenta is the premiere fashion supply chain software provider serving the apparel and soft goods industry. As leaders in state-of-the-art, end-to-end, ERP, PLM and SFC fashion software, we combine intuitive, best-in-class technology with a relentless focus on achieving excellence in all aspects of implementation and customer satisfaction.

Global Apparel Industry Management

Worldwide, Exenta's fashion supply chain solutions empower more than 41,000 users across nine industries in 15 countries. Additionally, our logistics management system helps our customers save approximately $1.4 billion annually.

Maximize Business Potential with Timely Apparel Logistics

At Exenta, we understand that speed to market is absolutely crucial in the apparel industry. Ever-changing customer demands require constant attention to inventory and end-to-end fashion supply chain visibility. With apparel industry management from Exenta, you can ensure customer satisfaction and optimize your overall business performance.

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