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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Supply Chain Software

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“A big barrier to retailers opening a new account or a new line of business is ‘are you EDI compliant? Can you handle our business? Can you handle our volume?’ In Exenta ERP, we have a system that can handle that.” – Iain Scorgie, CEO and Founder, MindsInSync

Key EDI Advantages

Improved order accuracy
Reduced order processing times
Increased global supply chain visibility
Greater operational efficiency
Faster communication with vendors and customers

A Simplified Electronic Data Interchange Solution

Exenta’s EDI supply chain solution empowers the flow of critical information throughout global supply chains, giving you unsurpassed visibility into the status of your production operations, inventory, logistics, and order processing. You and your international partners benefit from a seamless exchange of all of the transactional information needed to keep production and order fulfillment moving swiftly. EDI in supply chain management can streamline and expedite your communication with global affiliates.

Exenta’s electronic data interchange software provides the information you need to ensure retail compliance and to deliver better, more informed customer service that strengthens long-term business relationships. In addition to Exenta’s electronic data interchange solution, Exenta ERP provides consistent data handling across multiple channels, including pre-built integration into the most successful e-commerce channels such as Shopify, Magento and Amazon.

Read our Whitepaper on Fashion and Sewngoods Manufacturing Best Practices >

The Simplest Path From Concept To Consumer

Streamlined EDI

✓ Built-in EDI for Exenta ERP
✓ No external translator required
✓ Integration with Wells Fargo Factor


Efficient Supply Chains

✓ Less data entry
✓ Faster communication with global partners
✓ Ensured retail compliance

Improved Order Processing

✓ Improved order accuracy
✓ Accelerated order processing
✓ Order acknowledgements

Enhanced Visibility

✓ Materials, WIP, Finished Goods
✓ Internal Warehouses and 3PL Integration
✓ Consignment Inventory: Fulfillment by Amazon, Big Lots, Dollar General

The Decision Is Simple

It’s your choice. Stay with an inefficient legacy system and isolated data streams, or make the move to our next-generation enterprise technology and take your business into the future.

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