Cloud-Based Software Has Become a Necessity

by Nina Davies | January 28, 2021

2020 was a year of uncertainty as the world faced unprecedented and unpredictable challenges. Consumer spending shifted radically, and companies who could not adapt were quickly left behind. This trend is continuing into 2021, as e-commerce takes over the fashion industry and speed to market is more critical than ever before. As fashion moves faster and faster, brands have been making strategic investments in digital supply chain transformation.

In our new white paper, Fashion’s New Normal, we discuss the importance of having a digital supply chain in 2021. A digital supply chain is comprised of many different technological pieces, and PLM is a critical link in the chain. In this white paper, we examine how PLM drives supply chain improvements, such as gaining operational efficiency to contain costs, and overall how PLM improves each step of the product development process. We focus on Cloud-based software solutions such as PLM by reviewing key benefits such as better visibility and improved time to market. A cloud PLM centralizes all of the information about a product in one place, so the development team, partners and clients can all access the right information at the right time. With everyone working from the same information, decisions get made more quickly and the approval process is much shorter, resulting in better speed to market.

Brands that invest in the technology to support an end-to-end, digital supply chain can level up across the organization in terms of efficiency and productivity. Download our white paper, Fashion’s New Normal, to learn more about the future of fashion manufacturing and production and how you can stay ahead in 2021.

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