3 Ways the Right PLM Solution Reduces Cycle Time, Costs, and Inefficiency

3 Ways the Right PLM Solution Reduces Cycle Time, Costs, and Inefficiency

3 Ways the Right PLM Solution Reduces Cycle Time, Costs, and Inefficiency


There are several different issues that affect the efficiency of product lifecycles in the fashion business. When you specifically look at product lifecycle management (PLM) software for fashion, the top concerns tend to include:

  • Effective communication between designers, product managers, and suppliers
  • Quality and accuracy of all the data in your tech packs
  • Your PLM solution’s flexibility and ease of use

Ideally, your PLM software will be adaptable enough to support the way your team already works. However, all too often, deploying a new system means disrupting everyone’s workflows and forcing them go through a long process of training and adjustment. When this happens, people tend to resist the new system and avoid using its more advanced features. As a result, the expected ROI from the deployment never materializes—leaving you with little to show for the effort except a big hole in your bottom line.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Here at Exenta™, we’ve made it our mission to revolutionize the role of PLM systems in the fashion industry by eliminating the pains and inefficiencies of new system implementation and maximizing the positive effects on product development costs and cycle times. Get ready to take a fresh look at PLM software. It’s time to experience the power of PLM REVO™.


Flexibility Empowers Your Team to Do its Best Work


Rather than forcing your team to use pre-defined one-size-fits-all templates, PLM REVO™ enables you to define your own category labels, milestones, calendaring. This way, our system supports your existing workflows with minimal disruption during the transition. We also designed PLM REVO™ with a clean, minimalist interface so it’s easy to pick up and use the system quickly. We’ve even had managers tell us they barely had to train their team at all.


Equally important, we’ve made sure that our system is responsive when accessed on mobile devices. This is critical, because you never know when inspiration will strike. Your team needs to be able add notes or details to a new product design anywhere, anytime. Our mobile-friendly PLM interface makes this fast and easy to do from any device.


One End-to-End Solution for All Your Data and Workflows


It’s common for new product designs or ideas to start off in a spreadsheet or an email, and only move into the PLM system once all the details are settled. Because this requires your team to manually type the data in more than one place, the risk of errors is increased. PLM REVO™ enables your team to start entering data directly into the system as soon you start working on a new design—eliminating redundant data entry and reducing the risk of errors. With all of your data in one place, your team will never be left scrambling to find the right information from disparate emails and Excel files.


Ultimately, having all of your data and workflows in one system helps reduce the number of samples you need to produce, which is a major factor in the cost and time required for new product development. With numerous cycles of manufacturing, shipping, testing, feedback, and repetition—the costs add up quickly. When you can get all the details right in fewer cycles, you not only save money, but also get your products in front of customers that much faster.


Reduce Your Cycle Time and Start Getting Products to Market Faster


As fashion trends continue to accelerate, the bottom line is that you need to get products on store shelves faster than the competition to capture sales and market share. Looking ahead, the need for rapid, efficient product development will only increase as innovations like 3D modeling and virtual sales become more popular. In this environment, Exenta helps your product managers, designers, and suppliers work together seamlessly to take new products from a concept on the drawing board to your new best-selling item of the season.


Whether you are preparing to implement your first PLM solution for a growing company or replace your legacy system for an established brand, Exenta PLM REVO™ can help take your organization to the next level. Our philosophy is based on empowering clients to achieve success Without Limits™ by delivering powerful business solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional enterprise software.


Your team can work more efficiently, reduce the cost and time of product development, and get products to market faster. Schedule a demo or contact Exenta today to learn more.

Experience the Exenta Difference in Vendor Communication and Management

Experience the Exenta Difference in Vendor Communication and Management

The Evolving Challenge of Vendor Relations


The fashion world keeps getting faster, driven by new technologies and rising consumer expectations. As a result, supply chain management and vendor relations have become increasingly complex for fashion brands. A 2017 poll of manufacturing and retail companies by American Shipper found that 70% have at least 11 different suppliers—and up to 500.


In this extremely competitive environment, the way you work with your vendors has a huge impact on your bottom line and ability to succeed over the long term. Unfortunately, many brands have been slow to implement modern vendor communication and management tools—and even fewer have integrated these solutions with supply chain and product lifecycle management (PLM) software. If you are still spending your time tracking down the latest status information from disparate spreadsheets and handling design files with email, it’s time to stop the frustration and step into the future of fashion.


Disparate Systems Cause Blind Spots and Communication Breakdown


More than 50% of companies have PLM software in place. However, more than 70% said their digital systems are only partially or not connected at all—leaving them dependent on email, spreadsheets, and other ad-hoc solutions to fill the gaps. Companies are even more disconnected in terms of supply chain management software.  More than 80% of companies said these systems are partially or not connected to other solutions.


This digital disconnect can cause big problems with when it leads to unexpected delays, empty shelves, and lost sales for your customers. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Today’s technology can provide all of the capabilities you need to permanently break down those data silos and manage your vendors more effectively than ever before.


How Exenta’s Vendor Portal Enables Seamless Communication


Exenta offers a powerful Vendor Portal as an add-on for our PLM REVO™ and ERP customers. This web-based solution brings unprecedented visibility and efficiency to your organization’s vendor relationships—helping you save time and stay competitive in an industry that is not only extremely fast-paced, but also rapidly evolving.


With Exenta’s Vendor Portal, you will be able to manage essential product information, tech packs, purchase orders, and shipment and container information in one central location. As a result, you’ll be able to:

  • Automate your procurement and bidding processes
  • Eliminate mistakes from disorganized emails and spreadsheets
  • Improve the quality and accuracy of your samples
  • Save time and simplify communications with all data in one location
  • Track items throughout your supply chain

When vendor communications are centralized in Exenta’s Vendor Portal, your team can save a lot of time that’s currently wasted searching through inboxes and spreadsheets. That’s time you can re-invest in creative initiatives and customer interactions that enhance your brand and create value for your organization.


Exenta’s solutions provide excellent value because they are designed for the fashion industry, with specific features built in to optimize your vendor communications and supply chain management. Our vendor portal enables you to:

  • Easily add images or attachments to note changes
  • Update measurements with variances
  • View costing information by vendor
  • Manage large files via a central image library
  • Access PO comments and revision history
  • Track production, WIP, and shipment details
  • Integrate seamlessly with your ERP system
  • Eliminate emails with built-in messaging


Why You Can’t Afford to Wait


Fashion just keeps getting faster, and in a global marketplace your customers have more choices than ever before. Consumers expect constantly increasing speed, selection, and convenience, so the bar is continually being raised for every brand and retailer. Exenta’s Vendor Portal gives you the power to make seamless vendor communication feel effortless, so you can work more efficiently, eliminate administrative headaches, and put your organization’s focus on creating and delivering great products.


It’s time to experience the Exenta difference. Contact us or schedule a demo today to experience the power of Exenta’s fashion-focused solutions firsthand.