Going Global: The Critical Next Step

by Roberto Mangual | August 1, 2018

Going global

At some point in every company’s growth and development, it hits you—I’ve got to expand my business.

It’s time for us to go global.

But what does that mean, exactly? And how do you make it happen?

First, you must ask yourself a series of questions:

Is my brand known overseas?
Do I understand the overseas customer and culture?
Do I have vendor relationships overseas that can help me grow my business and provide sound advice?
Do I need to speak a foreign language?
How much is it going to cost to build a real business and how long will it take?

Such well-regarded fashion brands like Zara and Chanel have created global brands after starting as small businesses. In today’s interconnected world, consumers value brands that are authentic, provide value and quality all at the same time.

With the demand for U.S brands at an all-time high, it’s surprising that I still see companies being asked on Instagram, “When will you start shipping to my country?” This is as common for new brands as it is for more established brands. Going global is a no brainer.

Glossier, a US based makeup brand is a great example. The company started out as a blog, Into The Gloss, but soon developed products that became wildly successful almost overnight. Glossier expanded from the U.S, and now ships to the UK, Canada, Ireland and Sweden.

Fashion Nova is another brand that has gone global. This California based fashion brand sells online and in store, and ships worldwide. They have become extremely popular over the past year or so, with bloggers, influencers, and celebrities sporting their clothing on social media. Through word of mouth, Instagram model ads and organic content, Fashion Nova has become a massive success.

At Exenta, we’ve really pushed hard into overseas markets. Expanding from a small software brand with one office in New York, in recent years, we have moved into Atlanta and Los Angeles, with more offices to come. Most recently, we’ve expanded our client base into Latin America, a very exciting developing opportunity.

As social media and technology become more prevalent, our world becomes smaller. There’s never been a better time to go global, but understanding the risks and the commitment involved is crucial.