How Martial Arts Helps Me Be A Better CEO and Person

by Roberto Mangual | January 23, 2018

Martial Arts

I’m a firm believer that to be a successful CEO one has to be a successful person first. That means leading a full and productive life; one filled with a variety of activities, interests, and people. Martial Arts is one of my favorite activities. It provides me with so many important benefits, from boosting my fitness and health to socializing with my instructors and fellow classmates. It gives me a welcome release from the day-to-day stress that goes with being a CEO. Fyi, I train in Muay Thai, a martial arts program focusing on fitness and self-defense.

While communications and socialization might not be the first thing that pops up into your mind when you think about the Martial Arts, it’s an essential part of the discipline. Successfully practicing Martial Arts requires, at its core, a basic understanding of respect for all.

In addition to improved social skills, martial arts also encourages a sense of strict discipline and routine in my life. I’ve experienced higher self-esteem and self-confidence as well as having an easier time concentrating and focusing on the important parts of my life. These are all skills that have been honed through years of training, and they all work together to make me a stronger CEO and businessman (as well as a better person). Today’s world has made it easier than ever to be overloaded with sensory distractions, particularly because of the rise in popularity of social media apps and technologies. It has become a bit harder to maintain complete focus on just one single thing, yet martial arts gives me the training and skills I need to do so. It’s extremely important that I’m able to give my full attention to something, particularly in my working life, and it’s just another one of the added benefits that comes from practicing martial arts in general. I can give our clients the concentration and focus that they deserve without becoming distracted by other things in my life. It’s also pretty rewarding when you reach one of your goals, and that motivation gives me even more incentive to remain focused and concentrated on the task at hand.

Martial Arts has had an enormous positive impact on my life. Two key areas in particular, communication and concentration, have served to make me a better person and a better CEO.