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Wearable Tech: What Comes Next?

In just two short decades, wearable technology has become an integral part of many consumers’ daily lives. Smartwatches, fitness trackers, and communication tools are increasingly more widespread and have even begun to influence...

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Blockchain And Fashion: An Innovative Pairing

Chances are, when you first hear the word “blockchain”, you’ll be thinking of Bitcoin, a form of cryptocurrency that has grown exponentially in the past few years. It makes sense, considering the fact that blockchain technology was first invented specifically for the...

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Financing Options For A Fashion Startup

Starting and running a fashion brand often takes an immense amount of money. There are a variety of things that go into launching a brand and keeping it afloat for the first few years. Young designers are often encouraged not to create a fashion startup, as it comes...

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Virtual Showrooms: VR and AR in Fashion

Virtual and Augmented Reality are starting to revolutionize the way industries approach their customers, and the fashion industry is no different. Technology has come a long way, but consumers’ closets have largely been untouched by its innovation. Designers and...

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Exenta is the only comprehensive, state of the art supply chain technology provider serving the apparel and soft goods industries. We combine easy-to-use, best-in-class technology with a relentless focus on achieving excellence in all aspects of implementation and customer satisfaction.

Worldwide, Exenta’s solutions empower more than 41,000 users across 9 industries in 15 countries—and help save approximately $620 million for our customers annually.

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