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Why PLM is Rapidly Becoming an Essential Tool in the Fashion Industry | Exenta™ - Without Limits™

In the fashion industry, companies are constantly fighting to uphold the perfect balance between speed and success. While speed to market is crucial to succeed in this industry, it comes with lots of room for error, whether it be in fit or fabric of a garment, sourcing, distribution, the faster a product lifecycle, the higher the risk of error. However, companies are seeing a massive reduction in these risks when they take advantage of software solutions throughout their supply chain, especially during product development.

According to Sourcing Journal, “A company’s ability to rapidly turn today’s hit product into tomorrow’s durable brand is no accident–it’s the result of a specific set of practices that companies can identify and repeat to achieve a lasting competitive advantage.” These companies that utilize software tools such as a modern PLM system are finding it easier to achieve that sweet spot between speed to market and overall success, and vastly improving their responsiveness to consumer trends.

A strong PLM system is a critical link in a company’s supply chain. In this fast-paced industry, speed-to-market is crucial. Trends come and go in the blink of an eye, and designers are tasked with staying on top of these trends, a constant challenge in the design process. A PLM system should integrate into other supply chain solutions, so designers don’t have to export large files from their design tools and import them into a PLM.

With Exenta PLM, designers can utilize the design plug-in for Adobe Illustrator, enabling them to use launch new concepts and use information from PLM without ever leaving their preferred design tool. A strong PLM also significantly speeds design production by giving designers easy access to tech packs, past designs, and other data on one collaborative platform.

Advantages of Exenta PLM:

  • Accelerate design, development and sourcing
  • Grow revenue while reducing costs
  • Enhance design creativity and productivity
  • Streamline/automate frontend processes
  • Foster team and supply chain collaboration
  • Boost calendar/process visibility and control

A strong PLM system makes the design process easier while simultaneously streamlining the product development process, bringing consistency to all design teams. With Exenta PLM, processes such as line sheet management and tech pack creation become automated, creating substantial efficiency gains and cost savings opportunities. Prior styles and seasonal information can be found quickly, and this information can be shared across design teams.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies have transitioned to remote or hybrid work. This can create issues for designers as they may not be able to meet with vendors face to face, see prototypes, or solve other quality issues in person. With cloud-based Exenta PLM, design teams can access the system from anywhere and share information easily. Exenta PLM fosters efficient team collaboration, even when working from home.

In today’s market, designers need easy-to-use cloud-based software solutions that improve communication and collaboration with fellow designers and vendors, access to data, and increased visibility into the supply chain. A PLM system is crucial to improve speed-to-market while maintaining a company’s bottom line. Exenta PLM is the future of not only PLM, but many software solutions for the fashion industry, our PLM seamlessly integrating into other software solutions such as ERP and Shopfloor Control to build a digital supply chain, and provide unparalleled industry expertise and support along the way.

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