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Solutions for Uniform Brands and Manufacturers | Exenta™ - Without Limits™

Powerful Software to Transform Your Uniform Business


“The Exenta team is excellent to work with. They are very good, very accommodating, and get the job done. A change or correction is either completed on the spot or by the next meeting. The software is very intuitive, fast, and relatively easy.” – Ed Greenberg, Vice President, Pem America

The Simplest Path From Concept To Consumer

Real-Time Data Collection

✓ Standard Android Devices
✓ Wireless Networking
✓ Web-Based Management Dashboard

Worker Performance Feedback

✓ Individual/Team Productivity
✓ Individual Efficiency/Pacing
✓ Job Instructions (Text & Visual)


✓ Calculate Source to Gross Payroll
✓ Export to 3rd Party Payroll Service
✓ Supports Individual & Team Incentives

Off-Standard Time Accounting

✓ Alert/Approve All Off-Standards
✓ Pay/Off-Standard Code Mgt.
✓ Track Training Progress

Plant Floor Visibility & Control

✓ Order Milestone Tracking
✓ Line Balancing Tools
✓ Advance Predictive Notifications

Quality Control

✓ Identify/Manage Quality Issues
✓ Visual Control with Pictures
✓ Quality Performance Reporting

The Decision Is Simple

It’s your choice. Stay with an inefficient legacy system and isolated data streams, or make the move to our next-generation enterprise technology and take your business into the future.