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PLM REVO - Cloud PLM Software Solution For Fashion Companies

As consumers demand ever faster and more innovative products, fashion and soft goods brands and retailers are challenged to evolve with the times. To remain competitive in these fast-paced and competitive markets, companies need to find better ways to grow revenue while reducing costs. With no time to waste on complex and cumbersome systems, it’s time to take a fresh look at cloud PLM software for fashion companies.

Representing a revolution in PLM, Exenta PLM software for fashion industry has the power to turbocharge your product lifecycle. Taking the user experience to a whole new level, it eliminates much of the tedious data entry to keep designers creative and automates time-consuming processes to speed products to market and simplify global collaboration.


“As a complete start-up, we needed to be totally focused on how to establish our competitive edge, launch our products, and build our customer base. Exenta lets us do all that and more. Exenta fits our current needs, and will easily give us the ability to scale as we grow.” – Tony Cassella, CFO, J Queen

Key Advantages
Grow Revenue while Reducing Costs
Accelerate Design, Development & Sourcing
Enhance Design Creativity & Productivity
Boost Calendar/Process Visibility & Control
Streamline/Automate Frontend Processes
Foster Team & Supply Chain Collaboration

The companion Exenta PLM REVO™ Design Plug-in for Adobe® Illustrator® enables designers to launch new concepts, contribute to and use information from PLM software fashion industry without ever leaving their design software. The web-based/cloud/mobile solution streamlines approvals, change management, line selection, vendor quotes and bids, compliance and other global processes. Real-time information and analytics keep everyone working on the same page and supports better-informed and more timely business decisions.

Whether considering your first system or an upgrade from your legacy PLM fashion software solution, a standalone or enterprise-integrated solution, we invite you to discover the evolution of PLM.

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The Simplest Path From Concept To Consumer


✓ User & Team Notifications
✓ System-Wide Commenting
✓ Assignments & Handoffs Through Design Milestones


Tech Pack Development

✓ Multiple BOMs & Measurement Pages
✓ Measurement/Grading Views & Templates
✓ Drag & Drop BOM Ordering With Colorway Pitching

Line & Seasonal Management

✓ High-Level Plans by Attribute
✓ Line Sheets/Presentation Boards
✓ Seasonal Calendar Visibility

Advanced Platform

✓ Adobe Illustrator Plug-in
✓ Data Import Suite
✓ Mobile-First Design


Material & Sample Tracking

✓ Sample Evaluation
✓ Design Material Approvals
✓ Personalized Email Notifications to Vendors

Sourcing & Costing

✓ Cost Sheet/Quote Configurable Fields
✓ RFQ/Quote View For Mass Approvals
✓ Costsheet & Quote With BOM Comparisons

The Decision Is Simple

It’s your choice. Stay with an inefficient legacy system and isolated data streams, or make the move to our next-generation enterprise technology and take your business into the future.

Exenta is the premiere fashion supply chain software provider serving the apparel and soft goods industry. As leaders in state-of-the-art, end-to-end, ERP, PLM and SFC fashion software, we combine intuitive, best-in-class technology with a relentless focus on achieving excellence in all aspects of implementation and customer satisfaction.

Global Apparel Industry Management

Worldwide, Exenta's fashion supply chain solutions empower more than 41,000 users across nine industries in 15 countries. Additionally, our logistics management system helps our customers save approximately $1.4 billion annually.

Maximize Business Potential with Timely Apparel Logistics

At Exenta, we understand that speed to market is absolutely crucial in the apparel industry. Ever-changing customer demands require constant attention to inventory and end-to-end fashion supply chain visibility. With apparel industry management from Exenta, you can ensure customer satisfaction and optimize your overall business performance.

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