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Adobe Illustrator PLM Integration | Exenta™ - Without Limits™

Adobe Illustrator PLM Integration Plugin


“Exenta ERP is the backbone of all our systems, and I am particularly pleased that we have an integrated, web-based PLM to support our designers who are working remotely as healing hands aids our nation’s healthcare workers.” –Sid Lakhani, CEO, Healing Hands

PLM Integration Key Advantages

Accelerate Design/Development Process
Save Massive Design Hours Every Year
Increase Focus on Value-Added Activities
Eliminate Dedicated Data Entry Efforts
Enable Real-time Design Sharing
Ensure Design-Development Collaboration

The Exenta Design Plug-in eliminates process steps and keystrokes required to create, edit and import designs between Illustrator and traditional PLM systems. Our PLM integration saves time and effort by eliminating the hassle and confusion of using multiple software applications.

The Design Plug-in technology empowers teams to share and approve the most recent designs and details across both design and PLM applications. Instant, bi-directional synchronization and full PLM integration keeps all new or updated designs automatically updated in both Illustrator and Exenta PLM REVO™.

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The Simplest Path From Concept To Consumer

Design-Development Integration

✓ Launch New Products/Tech Packs in Illustrator
✓ Create, Search & Edit Designs in Illustrator
✓ Create, Develop & Update BOM in Illustrator
✓ Directly Access Fabric, Trim & Other PLM Libraries
✓ Save Time, Reduce Errors, Enhance Communication

Technical Specifications

✓ Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit) or later
✓ Mac OS 10 or later
✓ Illustrator CC2015-CC2017
✓ English Language
✓ Requires Exenta PLM REVO™


Key Solution Features

✓ Simple and Easy to Use
✓ Adds PLM Menus to Native Adobe Toolbar
✓ Seamless Integration to Exenta PLM REVO™
✓ Bi-Directional (Illustrator-PLM) Synchronization
✓ Plug-in Interface Like Illustrator Widgets/Panels
✓ Minimize, Expand, Collapse & Dock Panels

Color/Process Management

✓ Create New Colors and Assign to Libraries
✓ Search/Generate Palettes from Color Services
✓ Populate Custom Colors from Illustrator
✓ Manage Seasonal Color Palettes
✓ Assign In-house Colors as Colorways
✓ Import Color Palettes Back to Illustrator
✓ Update Color Palettes to PLM REVO™

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