Come To Our Upcoming Shopfloor Showroom Event

Come To Our Upcoming Shopfloor Showroom Event

Exenta’s Shopfloor is holding an event in Guatemala City and you’re invited! The event will cover a variety of topics, not only related to Shop Floor Control, but also our PLM REVO product, and more.

This event will take place on September 6, 2018 from 8:00am to 12:00pm.

Trust us, you won’t want to miss this. If you’d like to attend, please feel free to comment directly on this post, reach out through our contact page, or contact us through social media (@exenta on Instagram.)

We hope to see you there.

Shop Floor Control Definition

The definition of Shop Floor Control (SFC) (Shopfloor ™) is a state of the art software application for production tracking that runs across multiple platforms on any device (computers, tablets, phones and TVs to name a few). This technology allows supervisors, managers and workers to receive real-time information and notifications regarding their manufacturing operations and work in progress (WIP).

This means moving operations along more quickly, more efficiently, and with fewer errors resulting in dramatically reduced labor costs. Shopfloor ™ software runs over Wi Fi and also supports wired connections for companies who prefer to use a wired network.

This software application produces up to the minute results, allowing companies to address problems in real-time. With features such as Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant for production updates, Shopfloor ™ 3PM (Third Party Manufacturing), Incentive Pay and Planning and Scheduling, Shopfloor ™ eliminates unnecessary work and allows for greater visibility and control.

With Shopfloor, managers can track their products seeing when, where, and how quickly they are being produced. This creates a system that is constantly improving and working smarter. Shopfloor is gaining increasing market acceptance as companies can no longer rely on outdated and complex legacy systems.

Many companies already have a Shop Floor Control (SFC) software application in place. But do they have the right one? If you’re still using an outdated legacy system, it’s like using black and white TV when everyone else has an iPad. No one should be that far behind.

It’s widely misunderstood that all Shop Floor Control software is the same. There’s no use in implementing an older system when there have been dramatic improvements in SFC software in recent years.

So how do you know if your SFC measures up to the best in the business? Take a look at the list below to find out if your software includes all of the following.

  • Document delivery and management
  • Face ID type of clocking in abilities for auditing
  • Instant email and SMS alerts
  • Real time automated planning and scheduling
  • Real time integration with any ERP through API’s.
  • Ability to export any data with one click (export to excel, csv, word, pdf, and more)
  • Support for bill of materials
  • Wireless and wired options for the operator tablet
  • An efficient app that does not drain the tablet’s battery
  • The ability to scan using built in standard equipment (no add on dongles, for example)
  • Full suite of quality control tools including the ability to take a picture of a quality issue and share it.

If your software doesn’t have these basic necessities, you may need to investigate what else is out there. It’s important for your company’s well-being that you have the most up to date technology to increase efficiency, reduce mistakes, and have all around more smoothly running operations.

Exenta Announces New NYC Headquarters Location

Exenta Announces New NYC Headquarters Location

[NEW YORK, NY, August 20, 2018] Exenta, among the nation’s leading software firms in the apparel and soft goods industries, is moving their headquarters to a new location within NYC’s garment district. The announcement was made today by Exenta’s CEO, Roberto Mangual.

“We are proud and excited to announce this move,” Mangual stated, “This is a reflection of Exenta’s growth and development. We are expanding rapidly and are looking forward to working in a space that will allow us to continue our growth.”

The move will take place in early September. The new space is located on 8 West 38th Street, and is 11,200 square feet, while their current space is 6,900 square feet.


Designed for the apparel, footwear, accessories, home furnishings and other fashion-related industries, EXENTA empowers brands, manufacturers, and retailers to advance and scale their businesses by accelerating and improving performance across the entire business and global supply chain. The EXENTA™ enterprise solution provides global process visibility, control and collaboration by combining traditionally independent Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Sourcing & Supply Chain Management (SCM), Materials Requirements Planning (MRP), Shop Floor Control (SFC), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Warehouse Management (WMS), Financial Management (FMS), and other productivity tools into a single, fashion-focused business system. For more information, visit


Exenta Signs Five Major New Clients In Q2

Exenta Signs Five Major New Clients In Q2

[NEW YORK, NY, August 10, 2018] In the second quarter of the year, Exenta is proud to announce that they have signed five new clients including Krazy Kat, Tri-coastal, Superior Glove, Hansae Co., and Patricia Nash Designs.

Krazy Kat, a sportswear brand and Tri-coastal, a wholesale accessories and home décor company, will be introducing Exenta’s PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software to their businesses. They are expecting tremendous results with a system that will eliminate much of their designers’ unnecessary work, allowing them to focus on being creative.

Alternatively, Patricia Nash Designs, a handbag company, will begin using Exenta’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, which will streamline business processes and manage costs for their company.

Hansae Co., a textile company, and Superior Glove, a wholesale work and safety glove brand, will take advantage of Exenta’s SFC (Shop Floor Control)software to take care of manufacturing for their business. They will benefit from SFC feature’s such as face recognition of employees and increased visibility and control on the shop floor.

Exenta is thrilled to aid these businesses in updating outdated software and help them realize their full potential. Exenta plans to announce additional new clients in the near future.




At some point in every company’s growth and development, it hits you—I’ve got to expand my business.

It’s time for us to go global.

But what does that mean, exactly? And how do you make it happen?

First, you must ask yourself a series of questions:

Is my brand known overseas?
Do I understand the overseas customer and culture?
Do I have vendor relationships overseas that can help me grow my business and provide sound advice?
Do I need to speak a foreign language?
How much is it going to cost to build a real business and how long will it take?

Such well-regarded fashion brands like Zara and Chanel have created global brands after starting as small businesses. In today’s interconnected world, consumers value brands that are authentic, provide value and quality all at the same time.

With the demand for U.S brands at an all-time high, it’s surprising that I still see companies being asked on Instagram, “When will you start shipping to my country?” This is as common for new brands as it is for more established brands. Going global is a no brainer.

Glossier, a US based makeup brand is a great example. The company started out as a blog, Into The Gloss, but soon developed products that became wildly successful almost overnight. Glossier expanded from the U.S, and now ships to the UK, Canada, Ireland and Sweden.

Fashion Nova is another brand that has gone global. This California based fashion brand sells online and in store, and ships worldwide. They have become extremely popular over the past year or so, with bloggers, influencers, and celebrities sporting their clothing on social media. Through word of mouth, Instagram model ads and organic content, Fashion Nova has become a massive success.

At Exenta, we’ve really pushed hard into overseas markets. Expanding from a small software brand with one office in New York, in recent years, we have moved into Atlanta and Los Angeles, with more offices to come. Most recently, we’ve expanded our client base into Latin America, a very exciting developing opportunity.

As social media and technology become more prevalent, our world becomes smaller. There’s never been a better time to go global, but understanding the risks and the commitment involved is crucial.